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targeted 9/11 victims and warns of serious consequences if they have. and should parents lose custody of super obese kids? one leading medical journal says today it may be the best thing for the parents and the child. and then phone cramming. you may never heard of it but you may be paying for it every time you get your cell phone bill. an nbc news investigation that you need to see. hi, everybody, i'm thomas roberts. we lead off with breaking news coming to us out of india. police say the three explosions, three different explosions rocked a very busy section of the capital in mumbai. new delhi tv is reporting at least ten people have been killed, roughly 60 injured. now this is the same area in india where a terror attack nearly three years ago killed 166 people. bloomberg news is on the scene, and joins us on the phone from mumbai. can you explain exactly what you're seeing? i know it's -- this last happened roughly at 7:00 p.m. which is the rush hour time there so the streets were packed, correct?
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>> yes, the blast happened around rush hour time, when people were -- this blast happened near central mumbai. the cops haven't really confirmed yet as to whether it was a car bomb. right now, there are lots of broken glass all around. the cops have cordoned off the area, and it looks like they're actually sort of broken glass blasted out. and that was the moment. there's no news on how many injured at the moment. but the police are on the scen., >> and explain just once again, you're saying that there may be the possibility that this was a car bomb, because they are towing away only one vehicle, presently? >> yeah, they're towing away one
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vehicle which is sort of cordoned off, and with the bomb squad examining the car. >> and when we say that there were three different explosions, do we know of those explosions, three different -- from three different locales or one central location? >> no, three different locations. two are in the district of the opera house and around there and the another one was within central mumbai. >> and explain the area. as you're saying this is the different areas that took place. these are crowded neighborhoods and again this is at rush hour time at 7:00 p.m.? >> people are sort of getting back back from work, and one or two of them were taken to near stations -- and a lot of jewelry workshops. >> and so far right now the
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official death toll, or the unconfirmed death toll right now is standing at ten with over 60 people injured. is that what you're saying? >> that's what we're hearing. but we haven't had any confirmation and that. >> thanks so much. we want to go ahead and listen to nvtv. they have reporters on the scene there. let's listen in. >> -- between one target, and the next. >> the three areas that we know of. >> well, in fact, that is not the standard. now dadar is a really congested area just like the opera house. just like the and a halferry bazaar. it was not targeted this time around, but in 2003. also an unexploded device was found in 1993. it is a very congested area. a lot of the business community has their shops and jewelry
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establishments in the jhaveri bazaar. it is a crowded area. at the time the explosions took place, we believe the people that will be making their way to the nearby stations to get home. >> that's an important point, it's the time when people will be catching their local trains -- >> you're listening to coverage about the mumbai blasts. three separate explosions in different air whys around the city of mumbai. the explosions taking place roughly at 7:00 p.m. this is when neighborhoods start to be flooded by people that are leaving to go to the railways, to return home from their workday. office workers, also returning home during the rush hour commute. again, this is happening in three different areas and we had a reporter from bloomberg saying in the area where he was, he was seeing that a car was being towed away. potentially in one area it was a car bomb. three different explosions around mumbai. we will have continuing coverage throughout this hour as soon as we get more information. but the unconfirmed reports now, ten dead, more than 60 injured. now to two big stories back
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here at home coming to us from the white house. a big number for president obama, and we're not talking about the debt here. $86 million was just raised between the dnc and his re-election team. we're going to talk more about that coming up later in the show. meanwhile this afternoon, the president wants to bring congress closer to this massive debt deal. but the meeting may include more discussion on a republican backup plan. minority leader mitch mcconnell has a fallback option, giving the president authority, and the full responsibility, to raise the debt ceiling $2.5 trillion in three increments. he put pressure on the white house today. take a listen. >> we'll sign legislation by the president that requires him to propose spending cuts greater than the debt limit he requests, make the president show in black and white the specific cuts he claims to support. if he refuses he'll have to raise the debt ceiling on his own. >> nbc's mike viqueira is live for us on the white house on the north lawn. good morning. >> good morning.
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>> the president still stressing urgency here. and we're finding out about this afternoon meeting. explain the urgency that's coming from this? and is this just more political theater playing out in front of all of our eyes? >> first of all there is an element of political theater, there's no question about it. this is deadly serious now, and the president leaving no mistake about that. in an interview last night, we'll get to that in a moment. the government technically ran out of money, thomas, back in may. the treasury secretary said they could essentially move some things around. but, set a deadline as august 2nd by which the government will exceed its authority -- essentially run out of money. now, what will happen at that time, the next day on august 3rd, yesterday in an interview with our friends over at cbs, the president stated some things that for a lot of people may not be obvious. >> well, this is not just a matter of social security checks, these are veterans checks, these are folks on disability, and their checks. they're about 70 million checks that go out. >> can you guarantee as
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president those checks will go out on august the 3rd? >> i cannot guarantee that those checks go out on august 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue. because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it. >> and, thomas, here in the west wing, a fourth consecutive day at 4:00 p.m. today the president will convene all the major players, republicans, democrat, house and senate, back at the table. you saw that mitch mcconnell put forward that proposal. you know, there are a lot of positive sounds coming from the democratic side and the senate, mitch mcconnell. it appears to be an elegant solution and a lot of ways to finesse this. the problem is at this hour, it simply is not going to fly with house fiscal conservatives, tea party backed conservatives. so they could be back to square one here and obviously the clock is ticking towards august 2nd. >> mike viqueira at the white house. mike, thank you. missouri congressman emmanuemanuel cleaver is the chairman of the black caucus and member of the house financial services committee. congressman, it's nice to have you on with us. as mike viqueira points out we
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are getting so dangerously close to this debt deadline and there we have the president in that interview talking about how some 70 million checks will not go out, social security checks, disability checks, veterans checks. these are very important checks that need to go out to people that are depending on them. so the scenario, how is it going to fixed in washington so that these people around the country can feel as if they can live their lives? >> well, first of all, i think that there is a genuine desire to raise the debt ceiling, so that we will not become an illegitimate nation. that is a debt-free nation. not only to foreign investors but to our own people. but we've got a serious challenge in front of us. i think that senator mcconnell's plan, backup plan, if you will, is a move in the right direction. the problem, of course, is that we've not seen the cuts that the president is going to propose,
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which means that if they are too deep, they're going to be problems with some of the democratic members of the house. and i don't think very many, if any of the tea party members on the republican side are going to support it. and it may be that if cuts are deep, then mr. boehner is going to have to get his entire republican caucus to vote for it. and i don't see that happening. >> sir, you make a really valid point, because it seems the more possible solutions that we all hear about, the more adamant house republicans are against reaching a compromise, so do you get the sense that some of the conservative members that you've worked with over all of these years, are feeling the pressure, from tea party supported members, and groups, and that really is the blockade? >> there's no question about it. that the conservative newcomers into the republican caucus are extremely influential. all you have to do is look at the financial services committee. it usually takes years and years and years to move up to the top
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levels. the top level of the committee. but there are two freshmen who are there. i've been here almost eight years and i'm not on the top level. so i think that's a very, very clear sign of their influence and power. and they will not be ignored. and i'm not so sure that mr. mcconnell, or mr. boehner, for that matter, are going to be able to pull them across the finish line in a very positive way. >> i want to talk to you, though, about the congressional black caucus' jobs initiative which is coming up next month, because african-american unemployment, as you know, is over 16%. and this is really all about connecting with people that are struggling in communities across this country. to solve a national problem. what are some of the things that are going to happen within this initiative that you hope is addressed? >> well, first of all, we're in a crisis. and to some degree we've become angry because we're having depression-level unemployment among african-americans, 16-2,
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and if you add what's called the youth six, people underemployed it doubles. what we're going to do beginning on the 8th of next month we're going to move around the country, first of all, into miami, south florida. we're trying to hire, get hired about 10,000 people. and that's a drop in the bucket. we know. except that the nation only has 18,000 new jobs created this month. so we think that 10,000 would be great, particularly if we can get unemployed african-americans in those jobs. but unlike other job fairs where people come and listen to corporations talk about what they would like to do, we actually are bringing the jobs with us. major corporations have already committed jobs, and we are thrilled that some of the biggest corporations in the country, like ibm, stepped up to the plate early on. so we're going to be able to actually create jobs. >> well, we wish you the best with that. as you said coming up on the 8th of next month. congress man cleaver, we're going to let you get back to
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work now. >> thank you. >> the rupert murdoch hacking scandal is expanding by the movement. developing right now news corp has withdrawn its bid for bskyb saying that we believe that the proposed acquisition of bskyb by news corporation would benefit both companies. but it has become clear that it is too difficult to progress in this climate. now news corporation remains a committed long-term shareholder in bskyb. we are proud of the success it has achieved and our contributions to it. meanwhile the scandal is crossing the pond to the u.s. senator jay rockefeller is calling for an investigation into whether news corp employees listened in on phone calls of families of 9/11 victims and others here in the state. hugh grant, the exacter, whose medical records were the subject of a recent newspaper article, says americans may now take notice. >> i think people need to ask themselves, you know, who is this man who owns such a large part of our media? and i think, you know, when you hear some of the new allegations
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about who the "news of the world" was phone hacking that may include, and i stress it's just allegations at this stage, some of the 9/11 victims, well, i don't know. that may strike a chord with americans. >> nbc's stephanie gosk is covering this story. she joins us now live from london with the latest details on this. stephanie, bring us up to speed about the latest news about bskyb. and also for americans in this country, explain exactly what bskyb is. >> sure, thomas. bskyb is a satellite television network here in the uk. it's worth quite a bit of money. the deal is about $14 billion. it would have been one of the biggest mergers for news corporation in its history. and would have been a lucrative deal for them going forward. certainly it is painful that they have to back out of it. and you saw in that statement that they really don't want to. it's really the first case right now of this scandal, which started with the "news of the world" and phone hacking, hurting murdoch's business
11:14 am
beyond just that newspaper. today, there was a little bit of political drama. there was supposed to be a motion passed that was going to be passed overwhelmingly in parliament, urging murdoch to pull out of this deal, and instead, news corporation came out and beat them to it, with this statement that they were going to pull out. it would have been something of a humiliation, and certainly a strong signal to them that they had very little, if any political support left in this country. thomas? >> nbc's stephanie gosk in london for us. thanks for the update. the big question, will cindy anthony face perjury charges for that controversial testimony at her daughter casey's murder trial? we'll explore that and the outrage outside the orlando courthouse has certainly faded but thousands of people are keeping their anger alive about the verdict of casey anthony. this time on the web, how social media is keeping the acquittal so much on everyone's mind. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day
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come sunday casey anthony may be a free woman but her legal troubles, they're far from over. today the folks at equusearch served herb with a $112,000 lawsuit. the volunteer organization says it wants to recover the money that it spent looking for her dead daughter caylee. although she was acquitted of first degree murder, a jury found anthony guilty of four counts of lying to police about her daughter whereabouts. and it looks like casey's mom cindy will not be facing perjury charges as some had thought. this is despite accusations of lying on the stand during her daughter's murder trial. and although her trial is over, casey anthony remains a really hot topic when it comes to the web and blogs. thousands of people continue to hound the acquitted murder suspect online, setting up pages where visitors can do everything from curse her name to track her every move on the days that she's released from jail. so what's behind all of this facebook fascination and the twitter trending? rebecca buckwalter is the
11:19 am
campaign director for and she joins us with some insight on this subject. rebecca, it really has captured the nation. i just want to give the folks an idea of just how much clout casey anthony's name careys on social media sites. this will show what twitter was doing. the chart shows what's known as the hash tag activity on twitter in the final days of her trial. look at that. we look at the spike that came in on the day of the verdict. that's just from people using casey anthony's name in these hash tags. what does it tell us about this case specifically and how social media has really altered the fabric of how the public's emotional landscape can be played out? >> well, you know, the disappearance and death of a child is just unimaginebly difficult. and what we're seeing is so many americans, and particularly parents and grandparents, who have been really strongly affected by this case. and they're looking for a way to respond. and to communicate with one another, and with lawmakers, to take action and make a difference. and that's certainly what's brought people to now more than a million,
11:20 am
actually. >> people have set up facebook pages, some have memorial sites for little caylee. one asking people to wear purple on little caylee's birthday. others actually, you know, just to spew hatred that they have. is there a concern that all this venting and anger online might actually foster vengefulness in real life? somehow, posing a threat to someone who's been acquitted of murder? >> you know, certainly what we're dealing with is law making. and what we're seeing is that the response, and the petition has been exactly what it should be, and its citizens expressing their concerns, and having a debate, a discussion. it's been very productive. and legislators are responding to the people who are using with thoughtful and careful responses. they're going to translate those values and preferences into legislation that reflects them, but also certainly abides by the consequence traugs. and it's a victory for process so far. >> let's talk more about what is wanting people to do.
11:21 am
to sign an online petition to pass what's known as caylee's law. this is a law that would charge parents with a felony if they didn't report their child missing within a 24-hour period. there's a lot of anger around this issue itself. is concerned about all of the constitutionality of this law? because some people are saying that there are a lot of loopholes that would go under regard to doing something like this. and that it needs further review? >> well, it's getting further review right now from legislators and law enforcement officials. the size and the profile of the discussions that are what -- that will ensure that this has a productive outcome, and has one that i think will -- will make people glad that they participated in the discussion. and give them an outlet for communicating with lawmakers, which they haven't had before. >> is the site. people can go check it out. rebecca, thanks for coming on. appreciate your time. >> thanks so much for having me fwp police have arrested a man for a grisly and horrifying murder in new york city. the body of an 8-year-old boy found cut to pieces in two separate locations in brooklyn.
11:22 am
he left his day camp on monday afternoon. he was supposed to meet his mom at a nearby dentist's office. he was walking home and in this surveillance video, he's seen walking behind the suspect, a 35-year-old man in a white shirt and dark pants on a nearby city block. now police later found the child's remains in a refrigerator in that man's apartment, and this neighborhood trash bin, as well. wrapped in a black plastic bag, stuffed inside a rhett suit case. investigators do not believe that the boy knew the man. . [ male announcer ] at nissan, we test the altima's durability on a track that simulates the world's toughest roads. ♪ [ tires screeching ] ♪ if it can survive this drive... ♪ it can survive yours. the nissan altima. innovation that lasts. innovation for all.
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for a body in motion. heat. that heat is taking a deadly toll on powellry farmers stock. one farm in wichita, kansas, lost over 4,000 turkeys to the sweltering weather. that's nearly 25% of its entire stock of birds. four casters predict that this
11:26 am
heat wave will break sometime on thursday. and until then, people are just doing whatever they can to try and stay cool. the weather channel's julie martin is live for us in oklahoma city, keeping an eye on the rising temps for us there. julie, good morning. >> good morning, thomas. unfortunately, that heat wave not going anywhere here in oklahoma city or throughout the plains for the next several days. now, we did get a bit of a break yesterday. some rain did move through the area so that helped knock down temperatures. but they were on the 13-day 100 degree streak prior to that. yesterday topping out at 99 degrees. as you can see today, some cloud cover is helping keep things tolerable here. but already, really taking a big impact on the emergency managers here, and also on the water system. in fact, they've actually imposed water restrictions here in oklahoma city, and the surrounding counties, for the first time in about a decade. and i'm not talking about the water that you drink here that you actually need to stay cool. i'm talking about that water you're using to water your lawns and so forth. so, right now, the big thing is
11:27 am
staying hydrated. in fact, 80 people have been taken to the hospital here in oklahoma city. since the heat wave started about a month ago. and unfortunately, thomas, we're looking at triple digit temperatures here in texas, and even upwards into the midwest and upper plains by the weekend. so this is going to be affecting about half of the u.s. population, believe it or not. >> everybody's going to be sharing the pain on this scorcher. that's for sure. julie martin in oklahoma city for us. julie, thanks so much. appreciate it. all right. we want to go back now to our breaking news, the story that we brought you at the top of this hour. police are saying that three separate explosions rocked a busy section in the capital city of mumbai, india. and new delhi tv is reporting that at least ten people have been killed, 70 injured. these are unconfirmed first reports coming in. this is the same area in india where there was an attack nearly three years ago that killed 166 people. but these are three separate areas, roughly happening, that blast themselves around 7:00 p.m. that was around rush hour time
11:28 am
when people were leaving from their office jobs and going home. one area that was hit is the main commuting hub of the city. also, there was another area called the dadar that's a pop lated area. and finally the opera house area in the south of bombay area center of mumbai, where it is considered to be the wealthiest area in the city. we did speak to a reporter from bloomberg earlier in this hour that told us he witnessed one car being towed away in the one area where he was reporting from. it could be the source of the explosion, one car bomb, but three different blasts in three different areas around mumbai. we're going to continue to follow that story and bring you the very latest right here on msnbc. in other news now we're going to talk about congressman jason chaffetz. he wants to know why u.s. airports are still vulnerable to attacks. he says there have been 25,000 security breaches since november 2001 and that on average is slightly more than five security breaches a year, of our -- or
11:29 am
excuse me, breaches at each of our 457 commercial airports and the tsa says these incidents only amount to a small fraction of all the people screened since then. well, on this note, oprah is taking matters into her own hands when it comes to the own network. the media mogul will be the ceo of the oprah winfrey network starting this fall. she says she wanted to dedicate more focus to her cable channel. and all eyes are on team usa today in germany at the women's world cup after this weekend's stunning victory over brazil. the team takes on france today in the semifinals. the star player said of today's game, losing is not an option. all right, more good news to go along with the president, and his president obama's fund-raising numbers that have come out. a new quinnipiac poll puts the president ahead of mitt romney well outside the margin of error. but romney is just two points behind the president amongst independent voters. the president's lead grows in a head-to-head match-up with michele bachmann. he reaches the 50% mark facing
11:30 am
the minnesota congresswoman. let's check in on the overall gop 2012 polling and mitt romney keeps a double digit lead over michele bachmann. and after that the closest contenders aren't even contenders right now. we're talking about sarah palin and texas governor rick perry. both getting at least 10%. i want to talk, though, more about the president's massive fund-raising haul from perry bacon, white house reporter for "the washington post," and michael sheer, caucus blog are for "the new york times." perry, i want to put up some of these numbers that show how powerful president obama is when it comes to the fund-raising machine that he is. his campaign brought in $47 million. all the republicans that have given their second quarter combined hit the 35 million mark. so what kind of political message are these financials sending? >> it shows that despite, you know, we told our story this year about how liberals are upset with obama about this or this, and he compromises too much, but the number of
11:31 am
donations, show that a lot of democrats, a lot of liberals are very excited about obama and want to give him money. that's going to help him going forward for the re-election. which is tougher, we think than last time was. you see a pretty broad base of support. >> michael, let's look ahead. a lot of people have been throwing around this billion dollar mark it seems really kind of fantastical to think that someone would need that much money to run for president. is that even something that's attainable? >> well, i mean, remember, president obama raised $750 million about that in the 2008 campaign. now keep in mind, that was for a highly competitive primary against hillary clinton, and for the general election. and so the white house cautions that, you know, given the fact that the president doesn't have a primary, there's less need for that. but look, if given the vast increases in money that are being raised in all parts of the campaign outside groups, the democratic party, i mean, this is an indication where the president raised in just three months is an indication of just
11:32 am
how big this could get. >> perry, when we talk about the contenders in this, and the big money going behind president obama so far, how do republican contenders honestly keep up? >> i think what will happen by next year is you'll have all these outside groups who can raise money in unlimited amounts. so it's not clear if mitt romney has to raise as much money as obama does, because, by this time next year you'll have a lot more republicans giving money to whoever the nominee is. a lot of people won't give money to the candidate who will give money when they're a nominee and facing obama. a lot of the republicans are focused more on beating obama than supporting pawlenty or romney or huntsman. >> how close do they have to be moneywise to keep this financially close and to keep the horse race a horse race? >> i think perry is right. ultimately, they need to keep it close. they need to demonstrate so their supporters, that they have a kind of broad-based support that perry was suggesting the president already has. the republicans are going to need that, too, and to the
11:33 am
extent that they -- that they need something to make up the difference, these outside groups, which can go to corporations directly, and ask for money. they'll help them do that. >> perry bacon, michael sheer, great to have you on this morning, gentlemen. appreciate your time. so the practice known as cramming, unknown companies that hide unknown charges on your phone bill. cramming has been around for more than a decade now. but we've got a look at how and why phone companies have allowed this to happen. and go on for years. and history was made when yankee derek jeter made his 3,000th hit this week. but the real headline may be about the guy that call that ball. christian lopez has become an instant celebrity. i got a chance to talk to him about what he did and could he actually face a big tax bill over some of the free yankee stuff that he got in exchange for that big ball? us restoring . it's the only listerine® that gets teeth two shades whiter and makes tooth enamel two times stronger. get dual-action listerine® whitening rinse.
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so harvard professor and obesity expert is pushing for a
11:37 am
controversial method to trim the waistlines of our nation's dangerously overweight youth. he's recommending states remove extremely obese kids from their parents' homes and place them into foster care to save them from severe health conditions down the line like diabetes, sleep apnea and even liver problems. but our next guest says state intervention is not the solution. i'm joined by arthur kaplan, medical expert and ethics expert at the university of pennsylvania. sir, it's good to have you on with us this morning. when we hear about this i'm sure a lot of parents' hackles are going to go up. you say the only basis for compelling medical treatment against a parents' wishes are if a child is at imminent risk of death. but what about the prolonged suffering, because of childhood obesity and what it does to this nation's youth? >> well, there's no doubt that childhood obesity is a huge problem, and it's going to deliver a bill to us that's going to be enormous if we don't get on top of it. but the harm, 10, 15, 20 years out, it's hard to get a court or
11:38 am
a child protective service to pull somebody out of the house, to pull a child out of a house because something's going to happen ten years from now. even if they did, you know, there are hundreds of thousands of kids, thomas, who are oversaturdove overweight, morbidly obese, we don't have that many houses to send them to. i think what's wrong with the proposal is, instead of taking the kids out, what the government needs to do is send somebody in. you've got to get in there and start to teach those parents good health habits and how to cook and prepare meals for their kids that aren't fattening. >> healthy habits trickle down from the top. so what method do you believe is more effective in combatting obesity in children? is it the fact that kids need to be introduced into more healthy habits? or is it something that you're saying really needs to come from the parents themselves? they need to be taught how to better feed their children? >> i think you need both. what i say is this. we could take three steps right away. first, we've got to get better messages into those households where there are overweight kids. that here's how to cook.
11:39 am
there's no shortage of food shows on television. we could do better in the media to send these messages. you've got to bring phys ed and gym and recess back to schools. got to get them moving. and last week we have to go off the food companies to say stop marketing junk food and fattening food to everybody. including kids. i go by seven fast food places on the way home. i think that's part of the problem. >> we don't want to send the wrong message to kids about their own personal self-confidence especially for kids that may be a little bit overbate. what would you say to parents who might turn a blind eye to a child that is starting to gain too much weight, but maybe they think to themselves this is just something they're going to grow out of? >> you know, it's interesting, thomas, you ask that because a lot of parents will say, oh, it must be hormones, or his age. it is. it's important to get on top of the issue of diet and weight very quickly. and i think what you need to do is try to set your own example. if you're overweight and you struggle with weight, and many of us do, i do, you've got to try to work with it with your
11:40 am
kid and say let's go with this together. let's walk together. let's find ways that we can cut back on that snacking or substitute healthy snack. i don't think you want to have the government forcing things. i think what you want to do is send messages that are encouraging. when you talk about carrots is good for the diet. i like the carrot instead of the stick. >> arthur caplan, good to have you on. >> my pleasure. >> a new congressional report out today showing the telecom giants like verizon and at&t are making hundreds of millions of dollars in fees that are generated by mysterious charges on your home phone bill. the scheme is known as phone cramming. third party companies tack charges onto your bill for services you don't even know about. and the fcc estimates 15 million to 20 million consumers are crammed every year. now senator jay rockefeller is urging congress to take action against this scam that he says is costing customers billions of dollars each year. take a look at your home phone bill and see what's on there for yourself. we now want to introduce you to a young man who has gained
11:41 am
instant fame here in new york. for not only catching derek jeter's home run ball that put him in the 3,000 hit club. but also just for doing an honorable thing. returning that ball to derek jeter. and i got a chance to speak with christian low sez earlier today and asked him about how this instant celebrity has affected his day-to-day life. >> it's been a little overwhelming to be honest with you. it's a little crazy. you know, i mean, i was a fan one day, just going to a game to see history. and now, i'm part of history, and it's just -- it's overwhelming. i'm trying to take it one step at a time. and trying to stay level-headed with everything, and just going along, and just going along for the ride. >> sounds like you have a really good approach to this. after you caught this ball, did you immediately know that you wanted to return it to derek jeter? or did you decide to give it back after meeting with the yankees? how did you come to that decision? >> i mean, i was really kind of whisked away so quickly that i
11:42 am
didn't really get a chance to think until i got to sit down, and it was just like me and my father, the yankee was -- there was some yankee representatives there, but no one really asked me anything. i was kind of talking to my dad. he was looking at the ball. we were just still so in shock that it happened to me. >> it's just a great gesture. what did derek jeter said to you when you met him? >> he said thank you very much. i said no need to thank me. you deserve this. thank you for everything you've done. a lot of people look up to you. i look up to you. and just thank you. and he was very humble man. very soft spoken. it was just really nice to meet him and shake his hand and take a couple pictures. >> i said on the air that you were probably going to end up having bottle service, a night on the town with derek jeter. in return for this ball the yankees gave you season tickets for the remainder of the season, along with signs, jeter bats, a worth of it about 50 grand.
11:43 am
there are some reports that you're going to have to pay taxes on this. do you have any idea if that's true or not? >> i really don't know what's going on with the tax situation right now. i'm just trying to live in the moment and enjoy as much as i can. i'm going to deal with the tax situation when it kind of presents itself. kind of when the irs comes knocking at my door asking for "x" amount of money. but right now i'm just kind of -- i'm kind of trying not to think about it very much. >> right. >> and just trying to be happy. and taking these memories, anybody would just love to have that's my age and of just a sports fan in general. >> we know uncle sam is a baseball fan, so he probably is watching you and probably is aware of you. christian, again, congratulations on such a nice gesture. and continue to enjoy this ride. however far it takes you. christian lopez, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> he was a really nice kid. we're going to be right back after this. this is msnbc. boy, i'm glad we got aflac huh.
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welcome back, everybody, a wise man once said all you need is a dollar and a dream. well if you want to earn a
11:47 am
little extra money towards a higher education, all you need is a little time and a tweet. because right now on twitter the university of iowa is touting a $37,000 mba scholarship to its school of management. now to win it all you have to do is tell them the reason why in a tweet. jody shaffer is the director of recruiting and admissions and joins us now to talk more about this. it's great to have you. let's get straight through this. this is a full ride, correct? so what prompted this idea to try to start up, i guess, the winner to come up with a tweet? >> sure. we had been thinking about changing our essay question. we get two essay questions and the question just wasn't really getting at what makes the candidate unique. we were seeing unoriginal answers, highly edited essays and we wanted to do something really different. so we thought how about incorporate social networking? we felt like the tweet was a perfect answer. a tweet forces our candidates, the applicants to tell us concisely what makes them an
11:48 am
exceptional mba candidate. and this is not dissimilar to how you would react if you saw an employer that you wanted to work for in an elevator. tell us very quickly, you know, what makes you a good candidate. and the beauty of the tweet was it not only forces you to have that power statement, it also can send us to other links. so you can use links to send us to other social media sites and give us the depth that we're looking for from the candidates. >> i remember writing my college essay on this hunt and peck typewriter and whiteout being my best friend. this is really fantastic for kids out there to get involved in something like this. it really does put the heat on for an average college application essay. this is a lot of money. again we're talking about $37,000 here. so what is going to get your attention, jodi? >> yes, well i think it's a variety of things. one, just show us something that we couldn't see from the application. or from the administrations interview. you know, give us what's hot. tell us something new.
11:49 am
you know, send us to different places on the web and really showcase your talents. >> all right. so obviously, to get the scholarship, with a tweet of 140 characters or less, i want to show you something that we put together here and maybe you can tell me if this would be a winning tweet for you, it says, wanted money for college, i'm way smart. i need the money. i love iowa. i saw "field of dreams" give me the scholarship tippie, call me. would that work for you? >> i love it. because our biggest challenge is getting people to consider iowa. they feel like it's in the middle of nowhere. so that really hit on one of our hot points. and it's a great place to be. >> our executive producer angie is a hawkeye graduate. she's in my ear telling me how wonderful the school is. so go hawkeyes i'm supposed to say. the deadline to submit on twitter is july the 28th. and spelling counts here. people should realize that, right, jodi? >> it does count. it's important. we want to see that you took some time we wan to see that you took some
11:50 am
time on this. the deadline is july 28th. we'll be announcing the winner on august 4th through twitter and facebook and we'll get the word out. >> just the question for everybody is what makes you an exceptional tippy mab candidate and full time mab hire? right. that's what you want people to answer? >> that's exactly right. >> we wish you the best of luck with this. keep us posted. we'd love to find out who your winner is. stay in touch with us at msnbc. >> we'll do it. thank you. >> thanks so much. nchs take a look at this, yes, you are not seeing double. a zoo in southern ukraine is showing off its latest resident an extremely rare two-headed snake. these two heads do not think alike. zoo officials say each head of this california king snake thinks, reacts and thinks separately though they've been known to compete for the same
11:51 am
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welcome back to the flip side our look behind the headlines. president obama's latest fundraising totals are blowing the competition out of the water. not om did his campaign raise $10 million more than all the gop candidates put together, the president's combined total of $86 million for this quarter sets a new record for white house fundraising by a white house incumbent. at this point in 2004 george w. bush had raised a $50.1 million. the president is the best fundraiser in american politics. at this point in the 2008 cycle the obama campaign raised a little over $30 million nowhere near as much as this year's $47 million and there's even more news to come out of this as we break down the numbers. last time obama had built a network of a quarter of a million donors by this point. the latest haul came from roughly twice as many donors
11:55 am
with a smaller average contribution meaning he'll have a deep bench for generating cash until november 2012. the one dark cloud the campaign's campaign has not raised as much is all the democratic candidate last time. this year he's the only one in the field. we're going to see it if he makes to it the magic number $1 billion. he raised $750 million in the past. i'm going to see you back here at 11:00 a.m. eastern time tomorrow. until then you can follow me on twitter. we say hi to richard who's going to pick things up. and some more breaking news out of mumbai. we'll continue to follow the mumbai attacks that have killed 17 people with the live report from india. and the debt debate heats up. one congressman is calling senator mitch mcconnell's backup plan to give the senator more power, quote, stupid. you'll meet a michigan woman who
11:56 am
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a very good day. we begin with breaking news out of india. we're taking that video for you right here. three blasts rocking mumbai during the evening rush hour. india's tv is describing the bombings as terrorist attacks based on preliminary investigations. at least 17 people are dead and 81 others injured. that number has been growing. ndtv's reporter is in mumbai with the latest. >> reporter: there have been three bomb blasts.

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